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Thu, Jan. 27th, 2005, 10:05 am

Bloody, arrogant bastard! How could he? He and his...his lover slaughtered my Watchers. His comrades. He killed them in cold blood and now he has the audacity to try and pin it on me?

What's worse is I think the Council believes him. I don't understand how they possibly could. It's by far the most preposturous concotion I've ever heard. Even if I'd wanted to, how could I take out eight highly trained, elite, special forces Watchers? How Wesley managed it is still beyond me, though it gives credence to the girl's claims that, that man is something else. Something dangerous.

I could use that perhaps? Call him demon? Or...

He uses a sword. He's something...something she said flickers on the edges of my memory. The face he showed me, which I dismissed. His eyes were old. The power flashing along its edges...I should have paid more attention.

Remember, Erica, what did you sense? What did you see? Old. Powerful. A silver cord flying somewhere beyond the room. One attached to Wesley when I saw him as well.

They're bound. Fine. Why they'd want to be is beyond me, but that is their choice. What else?

Old. Very old. Sword. Death. Blue fire flickering in his veins...

...Immortal. He's an Immortal.

It's possible that could be my salvation.

Thu, Jan. 20th, 2005, 02:49 pm

He found us and rescued the girl. Several of my minions fellow Watchers are dead. I've reported this atrocity, along with the girl's success to the Council.

They're taking it all under advisement.

Bloody useless men. The child seems to think they'll come after me next, but I have faith in Wesley. He knows I was just doing my job. Last night's...unpleasantness was merely reactive. Now that he's had time to think, to see that the girl's fine, he'll calm down. Realize how necessary this was.

The shopping in this town? Surprisingly divine, but I'm thinking New York might be wise.

Still, it wouldn't hurt to drop in on Giles would it? Marshall the forces a bit...

Tue, Jan. 18th, 2005, 08:43 pm

I find myself somewhat fond of this colonial little town, much to my surprise. Or it could be because things are just going so well. We have the girl. Lisa. Spunky little thing. She must drive Wesley insane.

He looks good. But then, ruffle up his hair and he always did. Living with a man, also handsome. Marcus has pictures of them kissing. I suppose it explains some things. But. He's a lord now. He needs a lady. Or needed. That's long put to rest. I'm just appalled Roger and Evelyn let it come to this, didn't rein him in somehow. He never used to be so rebellious. Always the first to fall in line.

His boyfriend is insolent. He thought he could intimidate me.

But I have the girl. She'll go through the Cruciamentum. No matter the outcome, Wesley failed when he took her and ran.

It's a rather delicious moment.